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Fausto Maijstral LP


The first LP of Fausto Maijstral out today.
33rpm, 250 copies + insert. 
A new track “Kensington CA” can be listened here and their track “Naval Reserve” here 

Infos / order : 

Recorded and mixed by Felix-Florian Tödloff in Berlin, Germany, Oct-Nov 2012. 
Mastering by Brian Pyle, in Arcata (CA) USA. 
Photography cover sleeve by Lara Schilling. 
Photography insert by Tanya Marr. 


Lucky 15 (13:36’)
Naval Reserve (7:20’)

Kensington, CA (8:32’)
Epitaphium (6:38’)

Johnny Hawaii “Many reverbs to cross”

"Many reverbs to cross" nouveau morceau de Johnny Hawaii en écoute sur Hartzine

Johnny Hawaii sera en concert à LA ROUTE DU ROCK le 14 Aout avec un dj set La Station Radar.
Infos :

Shaun Falconer / Meursault


Shaun Falconer aka Meursault (Glasgow) died a few weeks ago on May 18th.
Under the name of Meursault, Shaun Falconer has composed, recorded and released his music through different labels and among La station radar.

When we learnt this sad news, we’ve thought about what we will always remember. The guy, his kindness and enthusiast when we asked him to participate to our project fake tape serie - His first recordings in 2006, not only because we love these amazing albums and all his music, but also because they’re part of the music we’ve listened a lot when we’ve started the label - and “Clunskea” a long track that he composed and recorded in 2011 for la station radar.

All our love to him and his family,
Rest in peace

You can listen his track “Clunskea” - here
composed and recorded in 2011, Glasgow, scotland.
La Station Radar (2012)
Fake tape serie (limited edition of 50)
Photography cover art by Shaun Falconer.


Fausto Maijstral


Listen "naval reserve" new track from the upcoming album of Fausto Maijstral.

(photography by Tanya Marr)

Alastair Galbraith, Jean Jacques Palix, David Watson “Pure Speculation”
One side LP 
Silkscreens record sleeve
Info / order 
Stream excerpt 


Johnny Hawaii ” Southern lights” LP

Johnny Hawaii ” Southern lights” LP, 
You can order your copy on our website 
Listen all tracks of the album Here.


Lee Noble and Amy Fortunato

Here is our first printing project,
a fanzine designed by Lee Noble and Amy Fortunato.  

Zine 16 pages, and 12 silkscreens prints on 160gr white paper, with an insert.
Limited edition to 50 copies. September 2013. 

Available on our website, more infos / details Here

"This series was created by independently generating and selecting photographs, manipulated images, and painted patterns. The elements were carefully matched into pairs until we knew the series was complete. Photos. Sumi Ink. Brushes. Scissors. Risograph printer. One night. Two People." Lee Noble, Sept 2013. 


Printing project  
Layout and design by Fleur Descaillot.
All silkscreens printed at Tchikebe Art Workshop Marseille.  


Words by Bruce Russell,

We’re very honored to share the text of Bruce Russell, many thanks for his writing about Pure Speculation, one side Lp of Alastair Galbraith, Jean Jacques Palix, David Watson.

"Pure Speculation is a record by three people who live in Paris (France), New York (New York) and Taieri Mouth (New Zealand). They have all met each other, but have never all been in the same place together. This single-sided LP now exists physically, yet the music on it lives up to its rather grandiose name – and does not actually exist in the real world. Watson is an improviser known for his bag-piping, Galbraith an instrument builder and song-writer known for his long-form sound works using little-understood acoustic phenomena and for his very short songs, while Palix is a radiophonic composer and sound designer who composes balletic operas for aerobatic teams. All these things are true but all sound like Munchausen’s wildest lies. 
There is no point attempting to describe music that has been composed in three separate parts in the mind of such accomplished fabulists, and then realized as a totality via a form of long-distance ouija-board manipulation. It is a highly-fictional salad of bells, gongs, drones and tones which will stick in your mind long after you have heard it. No one planned it, at least two of the musicians were ignorant of its existence for most of its lifetime, and only a perennial over-reacher such as myself would attempt to justify it in prose. When I first heard Pure Speculation, I thought someone had spiked my drink. Then I realized that the name should be taken perfectly literally. So do your ears a favour and indulge in this rarified form of speculation, it’s unlike much else you’ll hear until the next time you’re going under for major surgery – only this auditory hallucination is one you will remember once you regain consciousness. Drink up – here’s to speculation!”
 - Bruce Russell, 
September 2013,
Bruce Russell / The Dead C.

Available for preorder now on our website,
Release date October, 7th.
Excerpt to listen :

We’re preparing our first printing project,

zines + silkscreens prints on white recycled paper,
limited edition, Artwork by Lee Noble and Amy Fortunato,
available soon on our website.


New track of Johnny Hawaii “Inner beach”